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    request installation of langpack via packagekit · 1c7d3390
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    if ui is set to track the locale automatically and the current locale
    has no match in installed resources but has a match in the list of
    languages that libreoffice was compiled to contain
    so e.g. de_AT locale shouldn't trigger the installation of anything if
    langpack-de is already installed and yue_HK shouldn't trigger install
    of anything cause that not supported (at time of writing) for libreoffice
    put Fedora/RHEL/Ubuntu naming schemes in here.
    I moved the lang code from svl to svtools so I could use the restart dialog
    to prompt to restart after the langpack is installed, but packagekit's blocking
    mode seems to be no longer blocking and control returns immediately which is a
    change since the last time I played with this stuff, so drop the restart thing
    for now. The lack of a blocking modal also makes the "run this on idle when there's
    a toplevel window up and running" a bit futile, but lets keep that for now anyway.
    caolanm->rene: I know you'd disable this anyway, so Debian is left out, there's
    also config key Office/Common/PackageKit/EnableLangpackInstallation to disable
    this too.
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