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    When building with clang-cl on Windows, build CLR code with MSVC · 0a99b5a1
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    ...as clang-cl doesn't support the /clr switch.
    * In configure.ac, capture the MSCV version (that would be used if CC hadn't
      been overridden to use clang-cl) into MSVC_CXX.
    * The logic which flags to pass into gb_CObject__command_pattern is coded into
      the platform-agnostic LinkTarget.mk, so it's too late to try and filter all
      relevant flags in com_GCC_class.mk, depending on whether a given .cxx file is
      a normal one built with the normal $CXX or a special /clr one built with
      $MSVC_CXX.  Thus, a new CxxClrObject class had to be introduced that captures
      this information early.
    * When building with clang-cl, the generated config_host/config_*.h files
      contain values suitable for clang-cl, but not for MSVC.  But the .cxx files
      compiled with MSVC happen to include config_global.h, and would fail.  Hack
      around that problem for now by introducing a hard-coded, minimal
      solenv/clang-cl/config_global.h that is found first when buliding such a
      CxxClrObject.  Needs cleaning-up properly.
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