Kaydet (Commit) b06763c2 authored tarafından Hakan Dündar's avatar Hakan Dündar

Fix: Empty lists if old version of the application is run

üst 2eaf1474
......@@ -991,6 +991,27 @@ def set_label_spinner(label, spinner_label, label_data):
def reset_tab_settings(TabObject):
Reset tab columns if a version of the application with less number of columns than the previous
one (which has new columns) is run in order to prevent errors and empty tab list.
if len(TabObject.row_data_list) < len(TabObject.data_column_order):
# Get treeview columns shown
if TabObject.name == "Sensors":
elif TabObject.name == "Processes":
elif TabObject.name == "Users":
elif TabObject.name == "Services":
def treeview_add_remove_columns(TabObject):
Add/Remove treeview columns appropriate for user preferences.
......@@ -1312,6 +1312,10 @@ class Processes:
treeview_columns_shown = self.treeview_columns_shown
treeview_columns_shown = set(treeview_columns_shown)
# Prevent errors and empty tab list if a version of the application with less number of columns
# than the previous one is run.
# Define lists for appending some performance data for calculating max values to determine cell background color.
# "0" values are added for preventing errors if the lists are empty.
cpu_usage_list = [0]
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